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Multi-Factor Authentication is coming to MTC

Midlands Technical College is moving to a two-step process to help protect you online. We will begin multi-factor authentication (MFA) on November 2. This means, once you log into your MTC student email account or any Office 365 products, you will receive an extra code as a text, a phone call, or on a mobile app that makes sure it’s you.

Get ahead of the transition, and register your MTC account now

After you register, you will have a strong authentication process that prevents anyone but you from logging into your account - even if they know your password. You may already be using MFA to access your financial, banking, and social media accounts.

To see how easy it is to register, just watch this video, then register your MTC account.

You can also view the Quick Guide to walk you through the registration process.

Want help? The HelpDesk will host a Zoom Drop-in on Tuesday, Oct 12 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.    Click here to register for the Zoom Drop-In.

Contact the HelpDesk at 803.738.7888 or